These are some of the delicious Christmas items we will have
in the store to complete your festivities and gift giving.

Keep checking this page as we get closer to the Christmas season for more products.

Cadbury Dairy Milk 90 grms.

Kinnerton Paw Patrol
Advent Calendar

Galaxy Giant Bar 3 Pack

Swizzels Matlow Sweet

Cadbury Dairy Milk
Retro Collection Selection Box

Thorntons Selection Box

Galaxy Christmas
Collection Large Selection Box

CocoaLibre Orange Milk
Chocolate Alternative
Santas & Reindeers, Gluten
& Dairy Free 6 Pack

Nestlé Caramac Buttons Tub

Quality Street Tub 750 g
Quality Street Jar 600 g
Celebration's Tub 680 g

Cadbury Heroes Tub 660 g
Roses Chocolates Tub 660 g
Kit Kat Bus Tin 326 g
Share The Fun Tub 700 g
Sweet Suprise Tub 500 g
 Ramdoms Sugar Tub 760 g
Cadbury Medium Selection Box 160 g
Cadbury Stocking 194 g
Cadbury Small Pack Selection 95 g
Maltesers Medium Selection Box 213 g
Vimto Box 220 g
Nestle Kids Selection Box 143 g
Swizell's Drumstick Gift Box 362 g
Nestle Milkybar Selection Pack  64 g
Quality Street Matchmakers 130 g
Salted Caramels, Mint, & Zingy Orange
Cadbury Heroes Carton 185 g
Cadbury Roses Chocolate Carton 187 g
Celebration Gift Pack 320 g
Cadbury Milk Tray 180 g
Cadbury Milk Tray 360 g
Black Magic Chocolates 443 g
Dairy Box Deluxe 400 g
Terry's Dark Chocolate Orange 167 g
Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange 167 g
Thorton's Mint Collection 282 g
Maltesers Large Box 360 g
Cocoa Libre 60 g
Goupie Ginger Chocolate
(Vegan & Dairy Free) 180 g
Goupie Orange Chocolate
(Vegan & Dairy Free) 180 g
Cadbury Winter Wonderland Bar 100 g
Smarties Festive Sharing Block 100 g
Aero Festive Sharing Block 100 g
Quality Street Purely Purple  350 g
Walnut Whip Gift Pack 180 g
Smarties Chocolate Penguin 21 g
Famous Name liqueurs 185 g
Chocolate Coins 50 g
Cadbury Chocolate Tree Decorations 84 g
Cadbury Fudge Mini Tubes 84 g
Rolo Tubes 100 g
Milky Bar Buttons 100 g
Smarties Giant Pink Tube 150 g
Smarties Regular Giant Pack 150 g
Nestle Munchies Tube 150 g
Haribo Sour Mix Cracker Tube150 g
Jelly Tots Tube 130 g
Rowntrees Pick & Mix Giant Tube 140 g
Fruit Pastilles Tube 140 g
Swizzels Refresher Tube 108 g
Vimto Mini Bon Bons 108 g
Juicy Chews Character Jar 495 g
 Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts 400 g
Bassetts Sports Mixture Carton 400 g
Jelly Babies Carton 400 g
Wine Gums Carton 400 g
Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs Carton 420 g
Swizzels Drumstick Squashes 140 g
York Fruits Jellies Box 200 g
Walker's Non-Such Toffee Twin -
Hammer Pack  200 g
Chocolate Covered Turkish Delight 150 g
McVitie's Family Circle Biscuit Pack 670 g
McVitie's Christmas Jafa Poles 600 g
Fox's Family Time Biscuits 600 g
Royal Edinburgh Deliciously -
Moreish Shortbread Assortment 500 g
Patterson’s Delicious Shortbread & -
Biscuit Assortment 400 g
Lees’ Luxury Mini Snowballs 200 g
Matthew Walker Classic Christmas
Pudding 907 g
Matthew Walker Gluten -
Free Pudding 100 g
Cole’s Luxury
Christmas Puddings Selection Tube -
4 Pack 448 g
Carr’s Biscuits for Cheese Selection 200 g
Robertson's Mincemeat Classic 411 g
Robertson's Mincemeat Classic 1.362 kg.
Lees’ Meringue Nests 6 pack
Lees’ Mini Meringue Cake Decorations
Opie's Stem Ginger in Syrup 280 g
St. Dalfour Luscious Figs 200 g
St. Dalfour Gourmet Chestnut Spread 284 g
Shropshire Spice Co. - Traditional Mulled Wine
Shropshire Spice Co. - Traditional Whisky Toddy
Opie's Ginger Spread 350 g


Maynards Bassetts
Jelly Babies Assorted

Swizzels Matlow Sweet
Shop Favourites Carton

Turkish Delight

 Jaffa Christmas Pole

Fox’s Brandy Snaps

Matthew Walker
Classic Christmas Pudding

Jacob’s Mini Twiglets Caddy

St. Dalfour Whole

Kinnerton Paw
Patrol Mug with Chocolate Bars

Bassetts Liquorice
Allsorts Character Jar

Keep checking this page for more items !

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