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See the many exhibits and display of books, artifacts artwork, ceramics depicting the history of the Monarchy.

In our Dickens British Museum, see our renown
"Tally Ho" replica pub.  A
British pub how you remember.  Also, don't miss our model train layout - a delight for any age !

In our Charles Dickens display
see our display of original dickens
houses and toby jugs and old fashioned stoneware from the Dicken's era.




In Southampton on April 10th 1912 the majestic and powerful Titanic slipped her mooring lines on her maiden voyage.  In command was Captain Edward J. Smith, who at sixty two years of age was due to retire after this voyage.  He had been with the White Star lines since 1886.  The number of passengers on board
April 15th 1912 = 2,208, Lifeboat seats = 1,178, number of seats missing = 1,030.  Aside from the lifeboats, "Titanic" also had 48 life-savers and 3,500 lifejackets on board. Although this was more than enough, they were utterly useless in the subzero water conditions that prevailed during the sinking. 


In our new Titanic room, which we have called "The Captain's Quarters", we have
displays of pictures, memorabilia, artifacts,books, newspaper clippings
and articles to commemorate this tragic event


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